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Desert Lotus Tribal

A FatChanceBellyDance Sister Studio

Meet the Dancers...

Luna, Director and Instructor 2015 to Present

Luna is the current director and instructor of Desert Lotus Tribal and Antelope Valley Belly Dance; She became a Certified Instructor and Sister Studio of American Tribal Style in 2015.

She has had a life-long love of dance and music. The first evidence of her predilection was her dancing on tables and chairs as a toddler. Luna has over a decade of experience as a violinist and string bassist performing for school events and other venues like the Lancaster Perform Arts Center. She also has a few years hip hop dance experience performing at local venues.

Luna first discovered the belly dance community in the AV at a school Ren Faire when she saw two of her peers performing cabaret styled bellydance in her freshman year, but due to money and travel issues she could not attend dance classes until March of 2009. As a birthday gift from her mother, she attended her first class in Palmdale with instructor Dana Adoptante. She worked hard and devoted herself to sharpen her skills in bellydance and in November of 2009 she became an official troupe member of Desert Lotus Tribal.

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Kingdom: animalia
Phylum: chordata
Class: mammalia
Order: flexivora
Family: davis felidae
Subfamily: charoenong
Genus: mama felis catus
Species: creatix
Size: 1.5 metres from head to tail
56 kilograms
Ecology & Biology: elusive, nocturnal, solitary
Known for adaptibilty
Vocalization: purrs, zagahreets, meows, growls
Range: originally from Thailand, found now primarily in south western united states.
Occasionally spotted in Italy, Spain, and Thailand
Habitat: professional kitchens

Social structure: survival depends on a multigenerational multi species family pod


Aviva Wild

Aviva began studying American Tribal Style belly dance in October of 2013 with the distinguished AV Belly Dance & Desert Lotus Tribal instructor Dana Adoptante. She signed up in order to focus on herself although she had no former dance experience. Knowing nothing about the dance style or the culture behind it she quickly fell in love with both.

Aviva feels that belly dance is a way to express femininity and sensuality through a beautiful and inspiring art form. ATS is a way for her to embrace world cultures, music, fine art and connectedness with her fellow dance sisters. Dedicated to improving her technique through observation and practice, she considers herself an eternal student who is eager to continually push and expand her boundaries as a dancer.

Aviva's background is of Cuban descent. She is a devoted wife and stay at home mother of two.

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Melody has been studying and performing with Desert Lotus Tribal since 2014. She loves the rush of being on stage, the vibrant colors of the costuming and textiles, and the sisterhood and camaraderie of tribal style belly dance.


Rio Scott

Rio has studied dance all of her life, from modern and jazz to Afro-Haitian and hip hop. She has performed on stage in her underground top secret career, which allowed her to cultivate her stage presence and imagination. Branching into ATS has allowed her to continue her life long live of learning and creative expression, while finding community, sisterhood and love.

Paula Paisley, Desert Lotus Apprentice


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